Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week(end) Recap

So I have been thinking lately that a lot of cool stuff is going on with me, and I should blog about it so I can remember. Here is a recap of the past week.

Tuesday: Did Masters that went well. Not too notible. Then in the pm, I had a run to do. It was supposed to go something like 10min warm-up, 5x 100m strides and then 5x (8min Threshold, 1min rest, 2min 95%, 2min rest) The beginning went OK, but then when I tried to go to my 95% my stomach went crazy. I have never known runners "D" but now I do. I had to walk to the nearest bathroom, and spend sometime there! Then I tried to run again and back to the bathroom. In the end I did the Threshold work and then ran as hard as I could for as long as I could; mainly 1min @ 175HR, 1 off, 1on, 1 off. I was really upset. I don't do well with not meeting goals!

Thursday: Masters again! We did a bunch of short and fast stuff. Super fun. Then it was a trainer/run brick. I was supposed to go to Braveheart Brick, but had a work committment. The ride and run went well. I was happy with my run after Tuesday's failure.
So then off to work and then that night was our 5th Floor Grand-Opening party. I will say I was totally not looking forward to it, but in the end it was great! Saw lots of my friends from my Mercy days: Bobak and Ali Salami, Bobby Garg, George Zorn, The Handlers, Manish Wadwha, Dan Girgiu, and even meet a new doc who did IMAZ. Cool! This night reminded me that I am not only a triathlete, but also a doctor, and a very well respected one at that. I needed the perspective. It is all about balance.

Friday: Did my own swim, but the cool part was I saw a ton of friends at the Y. Keri was back as well as Amy and Wendi. I was talking so much that I did a bad job on my hair and had to suffer with crazy hair all day.
That night was off to sushi with Kristin. I had been wanting to go to Zenshi sushi forever and it totally disappointed. Not that good, and very expensive. Then off to Fro Yo. That too was not as goo as i would have liked. Yogart World is the best...

Saturday: Early ride. 1 hour up the coast to Del Mar and then 1 hour back. Leg felt like crap when I got up and I knew it was going to be a painful day. The legs loosened up a bit after the first hour and felt good on the way back, even felt good on Torrey. Then it was to the island. I had a bit more to ride when I got back to get in my second hour. Then the drills began. I totally had my head into them, but then the legs would not cooperate. I had a ton of trouble keeping cadence up to 100rpm, and even more trouble getting hr up where it should be. I was super frustrated with myself and had a out-loud potty mouth! The good thing is I finished the intervals. The most interesting thing on the ride was seeing my bikes evil twin. I did not stop to chat with the girl riding it, but she did not look like she deserved that bike. And those Zipp wheels... Sucks!
Then on to the run. I knew I had to redeem myself here. And that is just what I did. I keep my hr in goal the entire time. Did notice it takes a bit of time to get the hr to go up. My legs were really sore though. Felt like they had been hit with a bat!
After the run, I scooted over to see Tina's new place; awesome views and a great yard. Can't wait to see what she does with it! Got to take a tour of Angie's place too. I was pretty unhelpful on the moving part. Did breakdown some boxes, but pretty much just laid on the floor. Those girls (Tina, Jess and Elaine) are great. They understand me!
After the moving we all went to Noozmi for sushi and the fish part salad. Yummy! Much better than Friday. And then to Yogart World! Totally made up for Friday.

Sunday: Did my 1:30 run. I was supposed to keep hr 140 and below. Pretty much had not choice as my legs were NOT moving any too fast. I did manage to avoid the rain. Then did errands, home stuff and hung out with the family.

It has been a great last few days!