Thursday, November 12, 2009


So to know me, is to know that I LOVE my TT bike. She is called Speed Racer by those who are close to her. While other people have pictures of their kids and pets as backgrounds on their computers, I have a picture of Speed Racer. But the honest truth is Speed Racer was not my first ride.

People often ask me how I got involved in Triathlon. I had been running a lot in college, and then when I moved to NYC for medical school, I happened to have the three best roommates ever. Two of them were big runners, so we started training for half marathons as a way to relieve stress. I fell in love with running and by my intern year was doing full marathons. I distinctly remember somewhere between mile 20 and 21 of the Rock and Roll Marathon during my intern year thinking, "All this running is totally destroying my body. I gotta find something a little less jarring to do. Maybe I'll look into the triathlon thing. I hear it's big in San Diego."

Fast forward a couple of months to me being on a rotation in the hospital where I worked 8pm to 8am admitting patients from the ER. I was miserable! I decided that it was time to stop thinking about becoming a triathlete and make a move. But I needed a bike. So during those rare calm moments I began to research road bikes. Looking forward to learning how to really ride a bike kept my spirits up during that LONG month.

Basically all my research on road bikes was for not, because in the end a friend hooked me up with a guy he knew at Cal Coast Bikes (I don't shop there anymore, but I do need to give them a shout-out as the guys there were always really helpful!) I tried out a few bikes and settled on one that was in my price range and seemed to fit me well (Honestly I couldn't tell a thing. Just being on a bike felt so foreign at that time.)

So I finished my horrible rotation and bought my bike a few weeks later. First it was little rides around Fiesta Island and up and back on the Coronado Strand. Then I did a beginner ride with TCSD and realized I was not to bad at this cycling thing. Next on to the TCSD Saturday ride, where I really learned how to cycle. Thanks to all those unsuspecting people who let me chase and draft off them, I became stronger and stronger on the bike.

My road bike and I had lots of good times over that first year of my triathlon career. She was with me for my first triathlon and for my first time on the podium. We rode everything from the coast, to GWL, to Mount Laguna. But like all triathletes, I eventually decided I needed a TT bike, and Speed Racer came into my life, and took over as my main ride.

So for the past year and a half, the road bike has been sitting in my garage with flat tires, collecting dust and unfortunately rust in a few spots. Save for a few quick trips to the grocery store, I had not ridden her. Lately I have been doing more serious riding with roadie types who have encouraged me to get back on my road bike. I made a commitment to get the road bike back in shape after my tri season was over this year.

The week after SOMA, I made good on my promise and took the road bike down to Moment Cycle Sport to get fixed up and ready for some off season training. A new saddle, handle bars, bar tape, a stem and new tires and she was ready to go.

Took her out to the GWL to get reacquainted this past weekend. The ride went great and I was more comfortable on the road bike than ever before. Not sure if this is due to the new set-up or my over all better bike handling skills, but I realized my road bike is just not that bad- and she handles awesome descending Lyons Valley!

The last thing to do was name the bike. I have had her for this long, and she was still with out a name. I tossed around a few, mostly things related to her black and yellow color (I'll allow you to figure out some of these) but nothing really seemed to fit.

Back out on the road Thursday, I got to thinking about how much I was enjoying my road bike again, but how she really needed a name. While apoligizing to her for the neglect and treating her like the forgotten step child it came to me... Cinderella! As I see it she was cast aside for the prettier child. Made to collect (sweep) dust while the other got to go out and play, but she never complained. Then a fairy God Mother (Moment Cycle Sport) took her and dressed her up all pretty so she could go to the ball (GWL). Now she is the talk of the town! Hopefully I will meet my prince charming while riding her!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I LOVE Recovery no specific order

10. Wearing something other than Spandex on the weekends (I forgot about some of my cute clothes!)

9. Not having to eat 6 meals a day

8. Saddle sores are properly healing

7. Not smelling like chlorine constantly

6. Eating pancakes on Sunday morning, not just dreaming of eating them while doing my long run

5. Being able to stay awake past 8PM

4. Not always being the first to leave a party

3. Making it to the Farmer's Market before it closes

2. Not having to set my alarm for 4AM

1. Being able to spend quality time with family and friends