Friday, April 2, 2010

Under the Weather

So as soon as my recovery week began on Monday I started to feel a little ill. You know that scratchy throat, dry cough, stuffy head feel. Thought it was just my allergies as Sunday I had done a really hard workout in East County where everything is in bloom and then sat outside that night at a friends BBQ.
But as the week has gone on I've had to face the facts that this is the real deal. Not surprising as I see about a bazillion people with colds on a daily basis! Many like to cough right in my face to prove how sick they are (Thanks!)

So as a doctor, what do I do to combat a cold?

1. My friend the Netipot. Sure it's kind of gross, but it really works to get all those boogers out and feels really good!

2. LOTS and LOTS of water!

3. Allergy Meds just to keep those at bay.

4. Citrus Fruit! Lots of Vitamin C and other vitamins.

5. Peppermint Tea soothes the throat, and is tasty!

6. More Vitamin C. OK so it's not proven that this works, but I'm still going with it.

7. Oh yeah! And lots of sleep... only if I didn't keep waking myself up coughing...

Hoping I'll be ready to rock and roll with another solid block of training after a restful weekend.

1 comment:

JMoTriBella said...

A. Where can I find a Netipot? My parents swear by them, and I don't know where to find one. CVS doesn't have them.

B. The extra vitamin C doesn't work, but it won't hurt you. My favorite Organic Chem lab taught me that! :) That's the only thing I remember from Organic Chem.

Great seeing you this weekend!