Saturday, February 12, 2011

What I Learned...

Not only did I have a fantastic ride today; I learned a lot!
- My bluetooth charger can double as a Garmin charger to be used driving to the ride start!
- There is a lot of roadkill on the road these days.
- Running into friends you haven't seen forever and getting to catch up while riding is awesome!
- Sometimes your heartrate won't go up when you want, but will go up when you are trying to keep it low.
- Although it is February, it is probably best to wear sunscreen on all rides.
- Firemen are always really nice when you stop to fill up your water bottles.
- Be extra careful of cars when riding near Indian Casinos; some people get really excited to sit on their ass all day wasting money, or maybe it's the buffet?
- Although it is February (as I've established), salt tabs are also good to use.
- Chamios cream really does work.
- Stopping to take off your helmet when a bee flies in is a good idea.
- Running off the bike is not too bad, even if you haven't done it in months.
- If you stop at Target on your way home and look like you are going to pass out at any moment while in line to pay, people will actually let you go in front of them!