Monday, May 11, 2009

Energizer Bunny?

No... I'm not talking about that Energizer Bunny that I saw 3/4 of the way up Nasty Grade at Wildflower; I'm talking about me and the fact that I seem to keep going and going. I'm not too sure when I am going to need a rest. I was thinking after WF I would be exhausted and want some time off, but I came off it feeling great. Jumped back into training.

This weekend was another crazy but great one. Started off on Friday night with a Mother's Day dinner. Mark and Renee were going to be gone for the weekend, so we decided to do Mother's Day on Friday night. I got a bit stressed when making dinner was pretty much dropped in my lap. Not feeling too creative. But I pulled off a great dinner and Renee's dessert was spectacular, if not really rich as always.

Saturday was up early for the club race. We were headed back to Gloretta Bay, and I was ready to see if the legs remembered how to sprint. There is so much that I love about these races; I know the course, my friends are there and the food afterward is always great!

I made a plan for the race to see what I was capable of. Hard but steady on the swim until the second turn then power it in, strong and effecient on the bike, and strong on the run with negative split the way back. I was pretty much able to hit all these goals except for the run. Had an awesome run, but felt like I was running out of gas towards the end. Next time I need to remember to eat a bit before the race instead of talking so much!
After the race we ate and chatted and then Jen and I headed out for 2.5 hour ride. It was nice to ride flat, although there was a nasty headwind which did not seem to get better when we turned around. I was feeling kind of bonky the entire time.

Saturday night was Lynne and JT's engagement party at Moment. Nice to see people I have not seen in such a long time. Caught up, ate and headed home early for a big day on Sunday. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I am totally lame for heading home so early, but it's for the best for me.

Sunday was up early again. This time to try to run all five peaks in Mission Trails. Leanne and Nikos had set up this run and I promised to be there; not that I minded. There were about 15 of us crazy people who set out to tackle the peaks. Within the first 10 minutes I was already off course as I followed some dumb guy who thought he knew the way and then dropped me. Luckily I know the park so well that I knew where I wanted to go, just not how to get there. Picked up Edgar and we ran together for the rest of the day. Hit North and then South Fortuna no problem. Descended S. Fortuna and down to the Visitor's Center. Picked up Zach and ran out to the trailhead of Cowles Mountain where Gino had a much needed aide station. Cowles was a bit slower due to tons of people on the trail and legs that were getting sore. On from there to Pyles Peak. Then it got interesting. There is no true trail off the back of Pyles Peak, so we trail blazed all the way down looking for Niko's pink arrows to follow. I think this is where I did real damage to the quads, as it was really steep down. Once we finished this, it was a group decision to skip the fifth peak. It was getting hot and late.

Headed home, but first a stop for ice and sushi. Was finally able to sit for a few minutes, if not in a bath of ice. I'm actually getting pretty used to this, and kind of like it. Unfortunately not too much rest for the weary... as if was off to the parents to spend some time with them and my grandfather. Nice to chill in the backyard and eat some good food.

Weekend came to an end too fast. Now back to work... time for some rest!

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