Sunday, May 31, 2009

Double D and Double R

Double D: Del Dios x2! Dirty and Damp!

Saturday as usual was excited for a long ride. Unfortunately I had not been able to find anyone to ride with. The usual suspects were either on an off day, injured or didn't want to ride long. I was looking to do a hilly ride; GWL would have been my preference but I'm not comfortable riding out there alone, so I decided the Del Dios loop would be the second best. When I was trying to figure out which way is better to go, I came up with the crazy idea that I should do it both ways and find out for myself.

Despite weather reports, it didn't look too wet out to me, so I headed out in the car into the May Gray. As I got further West the "rain" began to fall. Now I put rain in quotes because what was falling was what people from most parts of the country would call mist or heavy fog, but for this San Diego girl, it was the real deal. Had momentary thoughts of turning around and heading East, but convinced myself that if I rode East it would be dry. Let's just say I was wrong! About 20 minutes in I was soaked and my feet were squishing and swimming in my bike shoes. Very gross feeling! Decided that this ride was all about building character... or else I'm just crazy. I was thinking more the later when I realized that there were very few cyclists out on a road that is usually packed on a Saturday. Still convinced that the rain was going to stop and the sun would make an appearance.

Before I knew it I was heading into Harmony Grove. Super excited to see they had repaved the road; smooth ride! So nice to not be bouncing around. And not too many of those aggressive drivers in their huge trucks trying to run me off the road. The only problem was I would get all excited that the rain had stopped, and then it would start again.

Had a cold and wet descent out to the coast, rearranged my stuff and headed back the other way. Stopped for water at the little church and it was there that I realized I was filthy and my bike even more filthy! Looked like I had been mountain biking!

In the end, I still have no idea which way is better; both have merits. Highlights of the ride were trying a new gel product and finally finding something that I think I may be able to tolerate after years of trying everything out there... Honey Stingers! Also remembering that solo rides are actually quite fun!

Double R: Rock and Roll! Running Relay!
The Rock and Roll Marathon had a relay this year, and when one of my colleagues heard about it, he not only convinced a bunch of us to form a team, but also he got the company to pay for it and buy us (very ugly!) team shirts. As I'm trying to keep my running miles down this season due to a nagging leg injury, this was a great opportunity for me. A training run with aid, cheering crowds, bands and 18000 running partners... what could be better? All the fun of a marathon without all the pain!

Luckily my relay leg turned out to be the third, which meant I could sleep in! Actually watched the start on TV while drinking coffee. Took the trolley to Fashion Valley and headed up to cheer on the runners. The plan was for me to pick-up Jen and run her to my transition spot as a warm-up. She told me she would be running with the 3:40 pace group and there she was, right behind the guy with the sign. Unfortunately there were a million other people in the pack, so I had to push and shove my way to get to Jen. She looked great and was running strong. I knew at that point she was on her way to a Boston qualifying time!

All too quickly I was at my transition and had to send Jen on her way. Luckily not too far behind was my relay partner. He handed off the baton, an annoying wooden drumstick, and I was off. I took it out fast and felt bad as I passed tons of people. It brought me back to Wildflower and how irritated I was by the relay runners passing me. I decided at WF that the relay runners were cheaters and now I was being a BIG cheater myself. Felt bad taking aid and having people cheer me on. Had to just focus on my pace goals and keep the heart rate under control.

My leg was only 8 miles, which was shorter than what was on the plan for the day. So once I passed off the baton to my teammate, I ripped off the timing chip and kept on going. Didn't want to get my team DQ'ed by getting timed for two legs. Ended up being able to finish the run and through the finish chute. In the end it made for a nice long training run.

Afterwards I met up with my teammates, who were all smiles. It was awesome seeing how excited they were. They kept talking about next year and how they were going to train harder. I just love what endorphins do to people.


Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Awesome Double Dios and marathon relay....It was fun running with you. Can't wait to run and ride again soon. There is talk about more Mercy relays and i house competition. We'll have to make sure we are on the same team. Good luck at Iron Girl...You are going to rock it. I wish I was off work so I could come cheer you on.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Way to go!!! Double Del Dios... wow!! I can't decide which way is harder... I think going UP from Solana Beach, up RSF, Up Del Dios... and then those 3 big hills at the end of Elfin Forest... Although - the other way you're basically climbing after crossing El Camino... and Elfin Forest the OTHER way seems so slow after descending. Tough call! Let me know if you're ever interested in riding! What is your schedule like this year???

Keep up the great work! NICE RUN!!! Woo hoo!!!!