Sunday, May 9, 2010

Was I Adopted?

What kid hasn't asked this at one time? I think I have finally figured out that the answer is NO, but on this Mother's Day I'm thinking about all the reasons my mom is so special to me, yet so different than me.

My mom is a girly-girl, and I'm more of the rough and tumble type. She comes home with her nails and hair done, while I come home with bike grease under my nails and hair caked in sweat.

My mom is an accounting wizard. Her checkbook is aways balanced and her bills paid on time. All I can say for myself is thank goodness for automatic billpay!

My mom is NOT a morning person. She loves to sleep in. I'm up at the crack of dawn, ready to roll.

My mom hates to cook, but is awesome at baking. I love to create new recipes, but my baking skills are terrible. Just last week I ruined a cake.

My mom loves to go shopping. She attacks it like a sport. I get bored after 15minutes.

My mom never swears, but I have a potty mouth!

My mom loves to travel. She always has at least one vacation planned and is working on the details for the next. I like to stay home.

My mom loves to read mystery books, while I stick with non-fiction.

My mom loves to go to the movies, any kind. I can't sit still for longer than about 20minutes.

My mom loves sweet foods. I'm more of a salty girl.

With all that said, I owe a huge THANKS to my mom for putting up with me and accepting me for who I am. She taught me to be a strong and independent woman. I could not ask for a more wonderful mother and best friend!

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