Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Challenges

I am not an Easter celebrater, but this one was definitely memorable... from many angles.

A few weeks ago I got the idea that I wanted to have Easter brunch. I was thinking some friends, but I mentioned this to my parents and the next thing I knew they were inviting G. Marty, who invited friends. So I settled for a family brunch.

The challenge began when I was informed that it is also Passover, and so no pork (not a problem) and no bread! There went my french toast casserole idea. I was able to come up with plan B.

Easter am I woke up to a beautiful morning, after the prior day had been cold and gloomy. Brunch was later, first a run. Les had a great Easter run planned for me. Since Wildflower is so close, it was hill run day. I decided to conquer Colina Dorado, a crazy hill. I have actually had a recurring "nightmare" regarding running up this hill, and now I was willing going to do it. First I did a good 30 min warm-up, which I pretty much ran in circles as to not have to go up hill any more than necessary. Then hill time it was. The first interval I pretty much just wanted to see how it felt and how high I could get. Not too bad. I was able to make it to this really pretty plant with purple flowers. After that all I focused on was "get to the flowers!" The six intervals went by pretty fast. Then on to 20min of fast flats. I did pretty well, except for having to mess around with my MP3 player.

Before i knew it I was done and in the car home. I got a crazy idea to take an ice bath, so I stopped for ice at the gas station and headed home. Spend a very cold 20 min and then time for brunch prep. By now i am starving, but of course the family can never be on time. I had to work on being calm as much as possible until they arrived an hour late!

Brunch went well. I am doing much better with being patient with my grandfather. His little old lady friends were cute and they brought awesome cookies and Matzo Ball soup. We ended up with Granola, Fruit and Yogurt as well as eggs. Dietary restrictions met!

After a nice meal the old people were packed-up and sent home and I was able to convince Mom and Dad to go for a walk in La Jolla. This reminded me how lucky I am to live in San Diego. A gorgeous Spring day!

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