Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fun on the GWL

By mid-week I was getting the itch to head out to the Great Western Loop for a nice Saturday ride, but all of regular riding pals were otherwise occupied or sick. Just when I was starting to fret, an e-mail popped up from the Tri Club that a group was heading out. Yippee! Not only that but they were picnicing afterwards; what could be better?

We meet at Grossmont High School and rode out through El Cajon (Yuck!) to the loop. Jay and Kris were out with us, and I had forgotten what a strong rider Kris is. She says it's genetics, but I think she has got some secret she is not telling me. It was great to have another girl out there to show the boys how it is done. The rest of the crowd included Mark, Cami, Dailey, a bunch of older guys, a girl on a awesome Orbea and an annoying girl who had to get a ride home.

I was really happy and a bit surprised about how strong my legs have gotten. I was able to power up Dehesa and then keep going up Japatul. It is scary when I actually want to go out to Desacanso, but no one else was up for it, so we continued on. I am actually thinking I am now ready for the "Girls Ride" with Jen, Elizabeth and Julie. Now the question is how to get the time off of work? Call in sick?

The biggest problem was the freeezing cold weather. I luckily had enough clothing, but had no idea it was going to be that cold. I couldn't feel my fingers, toes and other assorted body parts. We did manage to avoid the rain, which was obviously falling from the wet road we travelled. It only spit a little.

Right before the store I was crusing along when I spotted a Bassett Hound up ahead. He looked innocent enough, but as I approached he tore across the street and I almost hit him. He supposedly did the same thing to a bunch of people. That would have been a sad story to tell!

Some in the group wanted to desced Skyline, but I prevailed and down Lyons Valley we went. I love that part! So pretty and fun twists and turns.

Before I knew it we were back to El Cajon and some more city riding... Ugh!

I was able to tack on a 45minute brick run after the ride. It went so well, which is good, but makes me upset that I couldn't pull that off last Saturday at Oceanside. Maybe I should become a duathlete... Nah!

Then on to the best part; The picnic. Chicken, Chips and Hummus, Fruit and Vegies. I brought Rice Krispie Treats.

My rant for today is about people who post their workouts on Facebook. I find it really annoying and have decided that those people are really just immature and insecure. I really don't care that you did a 20 mile run all up hill at a 6 min/mile pace. We are all out there on a daily basis busting our asses. It doesn't matter if you are riding the GWL or Fiesta. I swear half the time I work harder on Fiesta. Not that I want to sound unsupportive of other triathletes, but really...

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