Sunday, April 19, 2009

Simply Epic... Simply Elegant

Palomar Mountain. What more can I say. I had been wanting to do this ride for a long time, but had been making excuses. When it comes down to it, I was really just scared! But Monday I see on my training schedule, "Climb Palomar." I decided it was time. Just as I was wrapping my mind around this ride, Michelle and Rachael posted a TriClub ride up Palomar. No more excuses. Up I was going to go.

I was up early to get everything ready for the LONG day. Ate a PBJ sandwich, some plain yoga yogart and coffee with milk. As usual I was late getting out the door; so many last minute details.

We met in the parking lot of Kit Carson. A bigger group than I expected. All of these people are crazy enough to ride up the toughest climb in San Diego? In the first few miles through Escondido we pretty much hung together. Better to fend off crazy drivers in a peleton. Before I knew it we were at Lake Wolford Drive. A small group broke off and charged up the hill. As much as I wanted to go, I kept it mellow, knowing that it was going to be a long day. Luckily I knew the Wolford hill from ToCa so I was able to pace myself well. Flew through Wolford area and the next thing I knew we were descending. Was super fun until I had the realization that I would have to climb that later. Able to catch-up to Beth on in Highland Valley, so I had someone to chat with to pass the time.

Headed past the casino and hung a right on the 76. Saw the Taco stand, but Rachael said we were going to stop at a gas station instead. Beth and I kept looking for that gas station, but it never came. I'm still upset that I did not get to start my watch at the bottom of the hill; think I was 15 min into it. Had to stop to rearrange my bottles and clothing. Beth took off, I would have to catch her! Before South Grade road took it a bit easy. Kept to low tempo work.

Then there it was; South Grade Road! The game was on! Off I went. Did some High Tempo work and then picked it up to Threshold. Spotting people ahead of me and picking them off. On my own with my thoughts and the beautiful view. Then caught Alex. He could hang. Chatted as we climbed. Then the phone rang... On call! Was able to answer a call, give a prescription while keeping on pace. Kept HR at 165-171. Legs felt great, and kept climbing. Every once in a while one of us had to ask "Are we there yet?" The funniest thing was thinking how unpretty I was; Snot, sweat and salt running down my face. Ironic that I was going to the Mercy Ball later in the night. Just as I was about to ask if we were there yet again, I saw the top! Gunned it up. 1:29:59! Probably could have gone faster, but was my first time and did not know what was ahead.

Cruised to the store where I found I was the second girl up. Ate a Powerbar, a bottle of water, a bottle of Gatorade and a bag of pretzels. Hung out for 30min and then we decided it was time to descend. I knew this was going to be the scary part, but decided to be a big girl and descend like Garreth taught me. It turned out to be really fun! I actually love descending. Didn't brake too much. The sad part was seeing all of the slow people in our group still climbing. Was at the casino before I knew it.

Wasn't sure how the legs were going to take the climb up to Wolford. I was pleasantly shock at the strength they still had, so I pushed it up the climb. HR 165ish. I think Alex and I were pushing each other, which works for me! Flew up and over Wolford and back to the car, pushing it the entire way.

As we got closer I realized how hot it was. Change of plans. Go West for the run. Transition runs are good, but overheating and dehydration suck. To Mission Bay I went. Had a great run out and back and out and back, and dodged about a hundred kids on bikes, scooters, rollerblades, etc. At least there were lots of water fountains and bathrooms. Had to stuff phone down my bra... On call! Now it is not working so well. Guess it doesn't like sunscreen. My left foot and lower leg went numb for about 30min. Last time that happened was Cal 70.3 in 2007. Dehydrated? Salt? Buy the last 15 min my legs had had it, but I was determined to finish. Last five went great.

Jumped in the car and straight to the gas station to buy a large bag of ice for a nice ice bath. Then consumed a ton of food (cereal, yogurt, flax, rice and eggs, spinach, kiwi, crackers and PB). Then had to hustle to get ready for the ball. Was I going to stay awake? I felt great. Ready to do it again... in a few weeks maybe!

Food for the day:
On Road:
2x 1Motor Tab and 2 scoops CarboPro
1 Gatorade
1 Bottle water
1 Powerbar
1 Gun Bar
1 Bag Sport Beans
1 Small Bag Pretzels
16 Salt Tabs
Fluid: 100oz, Cals 1210, Salt 3525mg
Run: One bag Sport Beans

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