Friday, January 1, 2010

Thoughts on 2009

This morning I thought to myself, "Where did 2009 go?" and then I looked at my training log. Swim: 131 hours Bike: 362 hours Run: 165 hours. I know this pales in comparison to others logs, but add in 2200 hours of work, and I'm starting to get an idea.

It was an fabulous year... one of the best yet! Here are some highlights:

January: I started working with an awesome coach, Lesley Paterson. This time last year I had no idea that the game would be totally changing. I feel incredibly blessed to have meet a coach who understands me so well. We have been told (by her husband!) that we were separated at birth. Along the way I've had my ass-kicked, but have formed a wonderful friendship.

My little bro, Mark, married Renee! It was a beautiful day. One that won't be forgotten by our friends and family for long to come. Those two were definitely made for one another. It's been fun watching them grow as a married couple.

Somewhere during the month I realized that the severe nerve pain I had been having in my left leg for 3 1/2 years was magically gone. After three PT's, two internists (myself excluded), a neurologist, an ART therapist, a MAT therapist, a chiropractor and many tears, I was finally pain free. I pretty much didn't believe that the pain would remain gone, but it has! What did it you ask? K-Laser therapy. I now swear by it... but it's expensive. Thanks Jen Litteral!

I raced Oceanside 70.3, and it was a terrible day. I'd never had a race go so badly. It was a very humbling experience though. I often learn a lot more from my failures than from my successes, and this experience taught me a lot!

I finally got up my courage to race Wildflower. It was a fantastic weekend from hanging out with friends, to camping, to wine tasting afterwards, to a fabulous race. I now understand when people say "There is really no other race that compares!" I'll be back in 2010 for sure!

I raced every weekend this month. The Rock and Roll Marathon, then a club race, then a 10K and finally SD International. It was a great month filled with lots of hard efforts and even more smiles. Was it too much?

Finally got some time off of work and training to go to Oahu with Kristin. We had a great time laying on the beach, eating a ton of local food and visiting friends. And then there was the Freedom 10K. It was on the same course as the Xterra World Trail Running Championship, and it was amazing! I managed to get very muddy, lead a pack of strong guys totally off course and still win the race!

Spend an awesome weekend in Santa Barbara hanging out with friends and racing the Santa Barbara Triathlon. Loved walking around State Street and eating lots of great food. We even made it to the wine country for an afternoon. Very pretty race, with lots of hills, which I loved!
I began riding with the Slow Step Boys. I'm like the little sister who tags along for bike rides with the boys. Along the way I've been teased, laughed at and yes even dropped... but I've also become a stronger rider!

SOMA was the final race of the season, and I was so happy to share the experience with my parents. We had a great time exploring Scottsdale, and I think they enjoyed seeing me race? The overall race didn't go as well as hoped, but I was still really happy and had tons of fun.

My practice at work really began to take off. Tons of new patients, some new responsibility and lots of long hours. I realized how fortunate I am to have job I love so much!

It has been a month of seeing friends and family, which I think has left me more exhausted than the rest of the year. I've had some good laughs, great conversations and eaten too much good food.

So what's in store for 2010? My focus will be seizing all opportunity that comes my way! And have lots of fun along the journey...

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Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

I love this blog entry!!!! Reading it filled me with admiration and inspiration. I am so proud to have you as a friend.